An archive of original manuscripts, copy typescripts, letters, etc. by Caine.


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An archive of original manuscripts, copy typescripts, letters, etc. by Caine, comprising:

[1] Copy typescript of a memorial tribute to "Eric Robertson," 4pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Printed on the rectos of 4 leaves of thin paper, with two corrections (of misspellings) and a deletion (of one word) in pencil in an unidentified hand. The text begins, "Will you allow me to say a light word of farewell to one of the friends of my early manhood, Eric Robertson, who died on Monday at St. Andrews?";

[2] Copy typescript of "Sir Hall Caine. Rough Summary of the Chief Incidents in His Life," 15pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Printed on the rectos of 15 leaves of plain paper, paginated [1], 3-16 (p. 2 apparently missing), with the author's extensive revisions, deletions and additions in pencil on every page;

[3] Autograph manuscript signed, entitled "The Lesson of the Local Crisis," 24pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Written on the rectos and versos of 19 leaves of plain paper, paginated 1-10, 13-26 (p. 11/12 evidently missing) with extensive revisions, additions and deletions in pencil and ink in the author's hand throughout. An early draft written by Hall Caine, possibly of notes for a political speech to be delivered by his son, British actor, publisher and labour politician, Sir Derwent Hall Caine (1891-1971), beginning: "We have gone through a cruel time. Let me give you a hasty sketch of what has happened.";

[4] Autograph manuscript headed "Derwent," 31pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Written in lavender pencil on the rectos of 31 leaves (paginated 1-29, 31 [two pages numbered 4, one perhaps an insert, in black pencil), with a few revisions by Caine. Evidently notes for a political speech written on behalf of his son, Derwent Hall Caine, which begins: "In spite of all Mr. Baldwin's speeches about the great things his government have [sic] done we know he knows he has less than any government that has been more than two years in power.";

[5] Untitled autograph manuscript, 19pp, 4to, n.p., n.d Written in pencil on the rectos of 19 leaves of plain paper, numbered 1-7, 9-20 (p. 8 apparently missing), with revisions, additions and deletions by the author throughout. A 6-part essay on the "Coming of Age" of the South Tottenham Labour Party. Possibly notes prepared by Caine for a speech to be given by his son, Derwent;

[6] Untitled autograph manuscript, 26pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Apparently notes written by Hall Caine for a political speech to be delivered by Derwent Caine, beginning: "It is a great honour to a young [?] Socialist like myself to be asked to speak from the same platform as one of the old & trusted [?] leaders like Mr _______. . . ." In pencil on the rectos of 26 leaves of plain paper, paginated 1, 5-8, 10-30 (pp. 2-4 and p.9 missing?), with alterations and emendations in the author's hand.;

[7] Autograph manuscript headed "Suggested draft of reply at the meeting of the Wards," 8 numbered pages, 4to, n.p., n.d. Notes written by Hall Caine, most likely for his son, Derwent, beginning: "Before I try my reply to the questions to be asked of me I ask permission to review . . . my connection to . . . Labour Party of South Tottenham." In pencil, with numerous revisions by Hall Caine and one addition in another hand (Derwent's?), on 8 leaves of plain paper;

[8] Untitled autograph manuscript, 6pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. In pencil, written on the rectos of 6 numbered leaves of plain paper, with substantial revisons in the author's hand. Apparently a letter intended for publication, beginning: "It is with much reluctance that I write to correct certain errors personal to myself in Mr. J.M. Hogge's otherwise excellent letter on Mussolini." With a pencil draft of a note on the verso of the last leaf, from Caine to his typist, Miss Gurton ("Please make 3 copies of this short article & take . . . as soon as you can, to Mr Sydney Walton.");

[9] Corrected copy typescript of an untitled political piece, 3pp, 4to, n.p., n.d. Typed on rectos of 3 leaves, paginated 1-3 and 4, of thin copy paper, heavily emended by Caine in pencil on each page. The text begins: "The first fundamental principle of Labour is the right to live. Does that need proving?";

[10] Copy typescript of an article, "The Road to Peace," 12 numbered pages, 4to, n.p., n.d. Uncorrected;

[11] Copy typescript of an untitled article, 7 numbered pages, 4to, n.p., n.d. Uncorrected. The text begins: "It was not by my desire that the announcement was made recently that I was writing, or to write, a Life of Jesus. The secret I had kept for thirty two years, that as long ago as that I had written some part of such a book. . . .";

[12] Copy typescript of an article, "How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?", 9 numbered pages, 4to, n.p., n.d. Uncorrected;

[13] Autograph draft of a letter, signed, 9pp, 4to, written in pencil with numerous revisions, Hampstead Heath, NW3, 18 May 1928. From Caine to Sir William Joynson Hicks [?], outlining ". . . the story of a case which seemed to show police methods in an alarming & even shocking [?] light.";

[14] Three autograph letters signed in pencil and two autograph letters signed (one with initials) in ink to Miss Gurton (Caine's amanuensis), c. 6pp, Greeba Castle, Isle of Man, and Heath End House, Hampstead Heath, 4to and 8vo, 29 May 1922 and 20 Feb. 1923, where dated, with one envelope; [together with] an autograph letter signed in pencil, dated 28 Jan. 1931 to another secretary, Mrs. Dixon, in which Caine sends instructions for work to be completed; and

[15] a small quantity of sundry related newscuttings, photographs, a telegram, pieces of correspondence (including several letters from Caine to various recipients, and other letters from Malcolm MacDonald to Miss Gurton or Mrs. Dixon), and a few miscellaneous fragments of Caine manuscripts.

Rust stains from paper clips; some pages creased, crumpled, folded or worn; edges occasionally a bit torn or ragged, foxing in places, but mostly in good to very good condition.

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